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What started from a private residence part-time on Tim's days off from his engineering career, turned into a commercial business. Formerly known as Full Attention to Detail, 2012 - 2019; POLISHED by:Full Attention to Detail (PFAD) has become a nationally awarded company that sets the standard for quality.

PFAD focuses on delivering above and beyond what a client dreams their vehicle can look like. While providing these services we pride ourselves on being transparent and work to educate the facts of car care. We want clients equipped with the knowledge to make the decisions they need to make when it comes to the level of care they want vs. what they can afford vs. what they can expect from us.

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Common Questions

What is clearcoat correction?

Clearcoat correction is the method in which imperfections are leveled giving the surface a flat uniform line with no divots, no creases or imperfections on a microscopic scale. This removes surface scratches, etchings and swirl marks. Old terminology for this process is called "paint correction." Vehicles after the 90's do not have paint correction done. All of these up to current times have clearcoat correction.

How often should I have my vehicle corrected?

This will depend on the age of the vehicle. Modern day (within 5 years) vehicle clearcoats are much thinner than clearcoats of the past. When any correction work is done, this takes .8 up to 2 microns of clearcoat off. Modern day clearcoats are approximately 75-112 microns thick.

Are tunnel carwashes good for my clearcoat?

While convenient, tunnel carwashes with brushes are nothing but dirt transfer factories. Think about it, the first few vehicles might get cleaned when a tunnel carwash opens. After a few cars go through then the brushes are caked up with dirt and debris that just keeps building up throughout the day. This dirt is just scrubbed with the dirt on your vehicle in a voilent and aggressive manner. This creates all the scratching, swirling and dulling of your clearcoat. In time your vehicle looks WORSE when it isn't dirty as it loses its luster and shine. LASTLY, read the signs on most tunnel carwashes as they state, "We are not responsible for any damage done to your vehicle." This is a warning of only bad things that can happen that you are left to deal with.

Is a touchless car wash the safest?

We all fall victim to wanting the easy way out in cleaning our vehicle. THESE are the only tunnel like carwashes that are mostly safe for your clearcoat.

Should I ceramic coat my vehicle?

There are many benefits to ceramic coating your ride! CLICK HERE to see all the benefits they can offer you. While the automotive industry is flooded with ceramic coatings, like every other industry, DO RESEARCH that goes beyond asking friends and family. Ask installers offering coatings, what their coating is made of, how do they prep the vehicle, how long will the coating last and what kind of maintenance is required after the install. Lastly, you get what you pay for.

Quality of Service

Simply put, we are second to none in Acadiana. We are the best in the region for the automotive detailing industry. We not only say it, we have proven it. Our clients have stated this not with just a few testimonials, but by the awards they vote us for.

Over the years, while having discussions with clients, we have devised some statistics of what our clients do with their vehicles in the Acadiana area.

  • Wash At Home
    44 %
  • Use Tunnel Carwashes
    27 %
  • Use our mobile detailing services
    24 %
  • Come for correction work
    92 %
  • Have Ceramic Pro installed
    85 %

Meet Our Team

the skilled crew
  • Tim A. Washington
    Founder/Owner/Tech/Ceramic Pro Installer
  • David Corredera
    Tech/Correction Specialist
  • Award Winners
    Nine Consecutive Years of Excellence