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A great protective coating alternative and unique form of protection that surpasses all traditional sealants and waxes on the market to date.

The VX1 Pro Glass Coating protects the surface with a hardened high silica-content glass barrier. This keeps contaminants from sticking to the surface. In the photo below you can see how hard this coating gets. Seen here is what looks like shattered glass.

Why 22PLE

22PLE is a Semi-Permenant Coating and a great alternative to products such as CQuartz. This is the best choice for a showroom finish or carshow contestant as it has the best "wet" look of all coatings. 22PLE is a true GLASS COATING.

The benefits of 22PLE over sealants and waxes are...

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22PLE can only be applied in adiition to a detailing package. Application of 22PLE will take up to an extra six hours to fully cure. Schedule your vehicle seven days in advance for 22PLE applications and for two days of service. The first day will be used to detail and apply 22PLE, while letting the coating(s) set overnight. The second day the vehicle will be ready for pickup.

Every 22PLE package comes with the a coat of Plastic and Trim restorer and a coating of Rim and Metal care.